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Whale Petroglyph:

The Killer Whale is a beautiful creature, its dorsal fin rising straight to the sky before slicing smooth into the ocean waters. The Killer Whale is a central character in Tlingit Native Culture, often symbolizing strength and long life. This whale design was inspired by a petroglyph in Wrangell, Alaska.

E-1 Whale Earrings on Wire
1 1/2"long (3.5cm)
B-11 Whale Cuff Bracelet
3/4" long (4.3cm)
P-3 Whale Pin
1 3/4" long (4.3cm)
P-4 Whale Pendant 1 3/4" long (4.3cm) $38
R-1 Whale Ring
whole sizes 6-8
Snake Chains (CH-24) $24
Snake Chains (CH-30) $30

Sun Petroglyph:

Alaska is called "Land of the Midnight Sun" due to the very long hours of daylight during summer months. The sun is another important element in Tlingit culture and often portrayed on petroglyphs in Southeast Alaska, sometimes depicted on the carved rocks by combinations of circles and dots. The sun petroglyph represented by this jewelry is located in Wrangell, Alaska. The design is handcrafted using brass overlay on a sterling silver disk.

E-4 Sun Clip Earrings
3/4 " diameter (2cm)
(not shown)
E-5 Sun Dangle Earrings on Wire
3/4" diameter (2cm)
E-5P Sun Post Earrings
3/4" diameter (2cm)(not shown)
C-3 Sun Cufflinks
3/4" diameter (2cm)(not shown)
B-2 Sun Bracelet
1 1/4" diameter (3cm)
P-2 Sun Pin and Pendant Combination
1 1/4" diameter (3cm)
R-3 Sun Ring
Whole sizes 5-8 (3/4" diameter)
(shown below with rings)

Box Petroglyph:

The Box petroglyph is located on Baronof Island in Southeast Alaska and is part of a larger petroglyph that is believed to tell the Tlingit native story of creation. This design represents the box of sunlight that was stolen by Raven to light the world.

E-10 Box Dangle Wire Earrings
1" long (2.5cm)
E-11 Box Clip Earrings
1 1/2" long (3.8 cm)
(not shown)
B-8 Box Link Bracelet
1" wide (2.5cm)
P-12 Box Pin
3 1/4" wide (8.3cm)
P-13 Box Pendant
2 1/2" long (6.2cm)

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