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Canoe Petroglyph:

The Canoe was the primary means of transportation for the Natives living along rivers and coastlines of the Northwest Pacific Coast. This design is actually inspired from a pictograph, which is a painting on rock rather than a carving on rock, located in Central Alaska. Similar styles of boats and canoe petroglyphs are also found along rivers and lakes in southwestern United States.

E-9 Canoe Dangle Wire Earrings
1" long (2.5cm)
P-9 Canoe Pin and Pendant Combination
2 1/2" long (6.2 cm)
B-7 Canoe Cuff Bracelet
1" wide (2.5cm)
P-11 Canoe Pendant
1" long (2.5cm) (not shown)

Halibut Petroglyph:

Fish were a primary food source for Natives of the Northwest Pacific Coast. Fish were preserved by drying and smoking. Halibut is popularly sought after today for its size, fight, and as a delicious dinner entre! This handcrafted Sterling Silver halibut is one of many fish petroglyphs found along the Northwest Coast.

E-7 Halibut Wire Earrings
1" long (2.5cm)
E-7P Halibut Post Earrings
1" long (2.5cm) (not shown)
E-8 Halibut Clip Earrings (not shown)
1" long (2.5cm)
P-10 Halibut Pin and Pendant combo
2" wide (5.5cm)
P-8 Halibut Pendant
1 1/2" long (3.5cm)

Petroglyph Rings:

We carry rings in the Sun, Spiral, or Whale styles. They are great to complete your sterling silver jewelry ensemble, or unique and eyecatching enough to wear alone. Young girls find them very intriguing!

R-1 Whale Ring
3/4" long (2cm)
R-2 Spiral Ring
5/8" diameter (1.5cm)
R-3 Sun Ring
3/4" diameter (2cm)
R-4 Bird Ring
All rings come in sizes 6, 7, and 8

Chains and Chokers:

Simply Sterling sells different silver chains and neck wires that can be mixed and matched, looking stylish with any of the designs.

Oval Neck Wire (CH-8) $36
The neck wire is seen with the Spirals above, and also looks great with the Sun pin and pendant combo.

V-Neck Wire (CH-9) $36
This neck wire can be seen with the Water style , and also looks great with the Halibut and Friendship combinations.

Snake Chain (CH-18) $18 - (CH-24) $24 - (CH-30) $30
The Snake Chains come in three lengths, perfect for any type of callar or dress style.

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